Sports Tape

Why Athletes Always Use Good Quality Tape:

Sports Tape is quite essential when athletes partake in sporting activities. The constant exercise and training is a great way to condition the body, and sports enthusiasts are constantly pushing their bodies to the limits. However, it is very important to take precautionary measures aimed at avoiding injuries. By using Athletic taping methods, weak joints and muscles get the added support to keep them in the game. Typically, braces and elastic therapeutic tape are most commonly used reduce the risk of different strains, sprains, and other injuries.

Some recent Taping Techniques involve the use of Kinsio Tape, a elastic Sports Tape used by top athletes to treat weakened muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

How to Best Apply Athletic Tape:

Locate the troubled areas on the athlete’s joints. The best way to proficiently tape weak ankles and wrists is with precision.  When engaging in sporting activities, one needs to have a full understanding of the injury, in order to tape accordingly. The aim is to avoid the injury, and not to treat it after it happens. This is why Sports Taping is so important prior to a playing a sport such as football, wrestling, tennis, basketball or baseball. One could easily injury an already weakened ankle or wrist without the right tape.

Always remember to tape in one single direction. The tape should be applied far enough above the joing to secure it, but not too far. Adding pre wrap prior to applying the adhesive tape is a great way to protect the skin. It should be in rolled in consistent downward motion and not too thick.

Some Final Notes to Know About Sports Tape:

Don’t make it too tight as to constrict blood flow. Allow for some controlled movement of the joints being treated. Many Sports therapists and Athletic trainers are very knowledgeable about thing inner workings of muscle and joint weakness. They can best develop great techniques for taping to avoid injury.

It is important to apply the Sports Tape evenly by wrapping the tape about the same thickness above and over like a figure “8”.  This is called the “basket weave” technique by some health care professionals. However, if for some reason you are not sure how many layers to apply, or are confused about which direction to roll, it’s always best to consult your physician.

What to Look For When Buying Tape:

Use quality sports tape instead of Cheap Athletic Tape because typically less expensive tapes are made of lower grade materials. Buy in bulk if you can find a good wholesaler with a fair shipping policy. Shopping online is a great way to find a company selling this tape in large quantities with great discounts.